Nataka-Do – creative stage-fighting

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Nataka-do is a stage-fighting method which melts acting and martial arts in a single form of corporeal expression, exalting bodily coordination and felxibility, and developing inner harmony.

Nataka-Do method encourages a personal and creative approach towards stage-fighting, combining expressive movement, acting improvisations and basic principles of martial arts, in an atmosphere of freedom, safety and fun. This theatrical discipline transforms the physical fight in choreography, highlighting the expressive and communicative potentialities of action.

Despite of its oriental name, Nataka-Do is a “made in Italy” stage-fighting method, structured in 2001 by Gabriele Goria and Fabrizio Nicastro, both actors and teachers respectively of Kung Fu and Ju Jutsu.

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“Nataka”, from Sanskrit, means “actor”, “dancer” and also “mime”. We chose a Sanskrit word to emphasize the combination of physical theatre -techniques, such as Orazio Costa’s mimic method, with eastern methods of meditation. Nataka-Do training provides a sequence of exercises meant to stimulate our capacity to empathize with any element of nature, animate or not, encouraging the use of voice in synergy with body movements. The basic practice of experiencing natural elements (water, earth, air…) with the five senses allows us to establish a strong link with our “sylvatic” dimension in order to recover our physical and psychological balance, and also to build a spiritual resonance with the natural world.

“Do”, from Japanese (“Dao” in Chinese), may be translated as “way”, and in this case designates the tribute of several martial disciplines supporting the whole training, encouraging the development of postural and dynamic awareness. Martial techniques and free body expressiveness are the two main tools leading to the birth of creative stage-fighting choreography, often intertwined with sequences of drama improvisation.