Photo by Veikko Kähkönen

I am an actor, director, and theatre pedagogue, specialized in oriental psycho-physical disciplines. Since 2014, I have worked as a teacher of Tai Chi at different departments of the Theatre Academy – University of the Arts in Helsinki (dance department, PEDA, and LAPS). I am a Doctoral Candidate at the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke) of the Theatre Academy of Helsinki.

My background includes Tai Chi, Shaolin, and other styles of traditional Kung Fu of North China, in the lineage of Master Chang Dsu Yao. Since my early age, I have come across different meditative practices, such as the Kriya Yoga taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, the Catholic Rosary, and Vipassana meditation in the tradition of S.N. Goenka.

After my graduation at the Theatre Academy Silvio D’Amico (Roma, 2001), I have worked as an actor and director for two renowned Theatre Companies in Torino: Compagnia Anna Bolens and Torino Spettacoli. I have taught acting in diverse contexts, including primary schools, secondary schools, universities and corporate entities.

Together with Fabrizio Nicastro (Italian movie actor, and black belt of Ju Tai Jutsu) I developed a stage-fighting method which combines physical theatre techniques with martial arts: Nataka-Do. In the years 2001-2008, we led workshops and courses of Nataka-Do at the Yoshin Ryu Zero Centre (Torino).

I moved to Finland in 2008. During my Master studies in Theatre Pedagogy (TeaK, 2011-2013), I began my artistic research on meditative silence, in cooperation with the dance pedagogue Eerika Arposalo, and the University Chaplain Rev. Henri Järvinen. Our final production was a performance, built throughout a four-month-work without use of speech. [1]

After my graduation, I led a one-year project with a team of artists: Hermits in Progress. The experiment was articulated in twelve retreats. Our aim was to make ascetic practices accessible to people with an average working and family life. [2]

My current research topic is meditation, investigated as an artistic practice in its own right. I lead workshops and seminars of acting, stage fighting, physical theatre, Shaolin, and Tai Chi in Finland and Italy.


[1] Goria, G. 2014. Moving the Silence. In: Mimesis Journal. Torino: Accademia University Press. Vol. 3. N. 1, pp. 66-77

[2] Goria, G. 2015. Active Silence – reinventing spirituality through art-research. Milano: Mimesis