Dear friends, here you are a new opportunity to practise with me from the comfort of your home!

This workshop provides a comprehensive synthesis of my favourite breath-work practices, including some of my original techniques. If you are interested in exploring various traditions and approaches to conscious breathing, and wonder how breath can improve concentration, health, stress management, as well as resilience to extreme temperatures, this is the workshop for you!

Date of the workshop: Sunday 21th August, at 11:00-13:00 (time zone: Finland)

Online platform: Zoom

Languages: English & Italian

Registration period: 8.8-20.8.2022

Registration fee: 45 €

How to register: please, send an email to reporting your full name, home address and email address: you will be billed via Eezy company.

Warmly welcome!


About me: actor, illustrator, theatre pedagogue and martial artist, I teach Tai Chi, Shaolin Kung Fu and meditation at the University of the Arts of Helsinki. My artistic production and research combines various practices, from physical theatre to illustration, including meditation, martial arts and musical improvisation. Grounded in the dialogue between art and spirituality, my inquiry explores the interdependent relationship between introspection and expression. In parallel with my artistic production I conduct workshops and seminars in various institutions for adult education and interreligious studies in Finland and Italy.