Photo credits: Jan Ahlstedt

TOPOGRAPHIES OF SILENCE is a durational work, which started ex-tempore in January 2020 with no rules and no preconceived outcome. By falling into stillness and silence – which are not necessarily the opposites of movement and sound/voice -, another space opens up; highlighting other voices and other movements. Beyond the personal perceptive and self-reflective framework, the process has raised larger discourses around our relation to power, to free-will, to production, and to the unknown. The visitors, inevitably lending their bodies to the landscape, are welcome to witness and /or experiment the potential of ‘nothingness’ and essential movement. 

On August 12th 2020 artists Ingrid André and Gabriele Goria will perform at RAW – Relational Art Week, between 17:00 and 19:30, at Myymälä2 Gallery (Uudenmaankatu 23, Helsinki). RAW is an event produced and curated by Myymälä2 since 2019, and this year dwells on the challenge of sparing energy in an urban context. The full program is visible on, as well as on RAW’s FB page. Warmly welcome!



(Belgium, 1977)

Ingrid André’s artistic practice is informed by a professional background in dance which carved a resilience to being shaped and reformatted continuously. This malleability, juxtaposed with an interest in the potentialities of ‘presence as a catalyst’, has fueled a yearning for transfiguration and transgression of accumulated relational patterns. Through exposing herself to less familiar media – painting, installation, video – while following a self-reflective approach, she explores the vulnerability of moving beyond certainty and preconception. Besides her own practice following her art studies at Art school MAA in Helsinki, Ingrid continues to work as a freelance dancer, choreographer, and movement facilitator. Ingrid is a member of Pixelache collective since 2019.


(Italy, 1979)

Gabriele Goria’s artistic practice intertwines various forms of expression, ranging from physical theatre to martial arts, meditation, drawing, and music improvisation. Actor, theatre pedagogue, and martial artist, Gabriele teaches tai chi, meditation, and shaolin kung fu at different departments of the Theatre Academy of Helsinki. As a doctoral candidate at the Performing Arts Research Centre (Tutke), he is currently developing an artistic research on meditative silence. Anchored in the dialogue between art and spirituality, his work brings him to lead workshops and seminars in various institutes of adult education and interfaith studies in Finland and Italy.